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The Tree House Merchandise Page!

Finally! A Tree House Charlatans' Merchandise Page! We'll try to update this page as often as we have new stuff to sell, but for the time being, you can purchase our EP, "EeeeeP!?!", as well as any of our shirts and stickers... and even order a custom-made T-shirt or tanktop with the Tree House Charlatans logo on it.

As of September 26, 2017 this page is still under construction and the ability to actually purchase these items through the site is not yet functional. Please bear with us and we will have it up and running soon. Otherwise, you can contact us or come on by one of our shows to pick up the gear! Thanks for understanding!

Tree House Charlatans EP - "EeeeeP!?!"

The Tree House Charlatans EP

Our very first professionally recorded, mastered and produced EP called "EeeeeP!?!" - which was basically the noise we collectively made when it was finally done! We are really proud of this first album, and while it is only 5 songs, it will be a solid first step on our way to record a full length album. Stay tuned...

For now, "EeeeeP!?!" can be yours for just $5 +s/h. Act fast though! We only have a limited supply of the physical albums, so if you want a piece of Charlatan history, order today.

Track List:

  1. Breathing Room
  2. Life Is Small
  3. Means of Reality
  4. Reasons
  5. THE French Fry Song


Tree House Charlatans Branded T-Shirts and Tanktops

Branded T-Shirts & Tank Tops

School's back in... don't you wanna show up wearing the coolest Didgeridoograss band in the world's shirt!?! Of course you do! All the kids will be jealous. Seriously. Riots might break out...

As that our manager guy is also our designer guy, and sound guy (but otherwise, just a pretty face), he makes all of our shirts custom and/or to-order. Meaning, every one is a little different, but each proudly displaying the Tree House Charlatans logo and website. Some of them are also UV reactant or have a glow-in-the-dark moon and stars behind the tree! As that each is different, the pricing may vary based on what's involved. Here is a basic breakdown:

  • 1-color imprint on solid color shirt: $15
  • 2-color imprint on solid color shirt
    1-color imprint on tie-dye shirt: $20
  • 2-color imprint on tie-dye shirt: $25

Free free to shop our stock of existing shirts (images upon request):


Or... You can custom build your very own shirt by choosing from the options below and ordering it directly through the site!

*Please note that production time is based on availability of materials and colors. Please allow up to 4 weeks for production of custom shirts. Colors may vary.




The Tree House Charlatans Merchandise - EeeeeP!?! Squirrel Sticker

Stickers - EeeeeP!?! Squirrel

We love to see our stickers all over the place, so we give 'em out for free at our shows! But when you can't be there to grab them in person, we have to charge for them to cover shipping. But it's only $1, and you can get up to 5 in the same order! Limit 10 per customer.

This design is to commemorate our first EP, called "EeeeeP!?!" and features a die-cut illustration of our album's mascot, the "EeeeeP!?! Squirrel", who lives under the tree on the cover of the album. The backer provides more fun graphics and information.


The Tree House Charlatans Merchandise - Standard Oval Die-Cut - Purple & Orange

Stickers - Oval Logo Design

We love to see our stickers all over the place, so we give 'em out for free at our shows! But when you can't be there to grab them in person, we have to charge for them to cover shipping. But it's only $1, and you can get up to 5 in the same order! Limit 10 per customer.

This is our original oval-logo sticker that presents the Tree House Charlatans' iconic logo in purple, against a creamy-orange background. This is a die-cut decal with an informative backer.

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