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The Players

Matt NattiThe Tree House Charlatans represent a musical ensemble loosely based around a didgeridoo and a tree house.  The original Tree House Charlatan is Matt Natti- musician (didgeridoodler, banjo, hand drums etc), arborist, artist and outdoor enthusiast.  The "s" in Charlatan(s) represents all the cool cats who make the music really happen. What started with a didge, a stand-up and a hand drum has ebbed and flowed (depending on the weather, the day of the week, the lunar cycle and whether the groundhog sees his shadow) to include mandolin, more percussion than you can shake a termite hollowed stick at, flutes, violins, random vocals, trumpets, guitars, banjos, harmonicas, even a melodica and a kalimba. The music ranges from eclectic, world/ jazz to sing along folk/ rock, bluegrass gone wild and trance based waves of sound to soothe the savage beast.   There is a long list of characters who have brought along their own ideas, flare and passion to various shows, living room jams and (of course) the Tree House Summer Sessions including folks like-  Eli Natti, Jim Corcoran, Alex MacLeod, Scott Noring, Andy Gerard, Dan McQueen, Pete Wostral, Tom Eaton, Olivia Gale, Josh Hurd, Nathan Cohen, Joe Cardoza and James Forrest.

Clicking on linked names will bring you to a short bio about that person, with any links to other endeavors they might be a part of, photos of them and any comments they have about the Tree House Charlatans...

Contributing Members - folks who have played a part in making the Tree House Charlatans what and who they are:
Matt Natti - Chief Charlatan - Didgeridoo, Banjo, Washboard, Jew Harp, Various Percussion, Vocals Matt Natti

The originator of the Tree House Charlatans, and owner of the actual Tree House! Matt has also played with Machine 475, and has lent his unique didgeridoograss style to numerous local musicians and bands

Didgeridoo, Vocals, Saw, Banjo, Washboard, and Jaw Harp

Matt Morrissey - Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals Matt Morrissey 

"Matty-Mo" as he is called (mostly to differentiate him from Natti) is a newer addition to the band, bringing some solid lead instrumentation and singing. Mo has been playing with Alex for quite some time, and have brought their own musical style to the mix.

Guitar, Mandolin, Dobro, Vocals

Alex MacLeod Alex MacLeod Fiddle, Banjo, Guitar, Vocals
Matt Lefebvre Matt Lefebvre Upright Bass, Vocals
Zach Morrison - Percussion, Guitar, Vocals Zach Morrison Cajon, Bongos, Guitar, Vocals
Guest Players and Tree House Jammers
Nick Steglich

Former Sound Guy, Web Guru, Design & Marketing, Annoying Manager. Nick has taken on many roles within the band, though none as important as actually playing the music. However, he still plays along on his guitar or uke every now and again and has been known to make a few suggestions here and there.

James McGinness Formerly of Gretchen & The Pickpockets
Eli Natti  
Scott Noring Currently plays with Dave Bailin & the Bailouts and The Jackleg Preachers
Dan McQueen  
Andy Gerard

Formerly of the Big Ol' Dirty Bucket
Currently plays with The True Monks

KtK8 is a public music teacher and is horribly under-appreciated!
Pete Wostral is stoopid awesome on a guitar, and is really nice too!
Jesse Ciamatro Qwill
Aaron Katz The Dejas
Hal Hirshon is quirky, clever, charismatic and crazy cool keyboardist.  He doesn't have a lot of web presence but his music is at and his "secret squirrel/ stage name" is WitchDoktor.
Tom Eaton  
Olivia Gale Meridian
Josh Hurd  
Nathan Cohen What Time Is It, Mr. Fox
Joe Cardoza  
James Forrest is a great musician and a great guy.   Melding guitar, keyboard, melodica and laptop magic, he has created an amazing variety of music though out his years, including work with Machine 475 and a number of solo projects.  For a sample of some of his work, check: 
Other Assorted Charlatans
Janet Natti is the Hostess with the Mostess.  She not only put up with all of the band shenanigans but entertains all the non-musician types that show up for shows and jams.  She also gets a fairly big vote on whether we do certain songs.  Oh, and she manages to put up with Matt Natti, which elevates her to a saint!
Jess and Gavin Natti provide major food/ beer support at tree house sessions and generally increase the energy and love of the whole event.  Gavin is sure to be taking over for Jim and MNatti any day and for now, does a great job excersising Booger!  Keith Natti, Jess's fella is often too busy working at his surf company but he does pop in for a beer now and again.
Adam Morrissey #1 Fan. The Band's Roadie. Constructive Critic. All Around Good Guy. Matty-Mo's Bro.

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