The Natti Tree House - the inspiration for the band and all of our childhood dreams The Players - Main band-members, local musicians who have participated, and other contributing members! Visit our YouTube Channel for all of our greatest video moments! Matthew Natti - Didgeridoo, Saw, Banjo, Washboard, Jaw Harp, Vocals Matt Lefebvre - Upright Bass & Vocals Zach Morrison - Hand Drums, Cajon, Vocals Matt Morrissey - Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals Alex MacLeod - Fiddle, Banjo, Dobro, Vocals The Tree House Artisans! The visual artists and the work they make at and for the Tree House!
Shows and Such - The who's, when's and where's we will be playing, along with our other performances. Tree House Charlatan Merchandise - CDs, Stickers, Shirts, Etc.
Samples of some of our songs, for download and streaming! Listen to what we're all about... Links to other local bands, music, and musical references. Some didgeridoo history and resources too.
Some pictures and videos from the various Tree House Jams, rehearsals and our shows. Check us out here and on YouTube! Visit us on Facebook! Make sure to 'Like' us while you are there...
How to contact the Charlatans - send emails through the site, or find out other ways to get in touch!


Here are some links to other local music that we enjoy, instruments we play, and just a few things we we've found on the web which we really dig.

Local Bands & Musicians

Bluegrass Festivals

Venues we've played at:

Respected Musicians of the World

Didgeridoo Resources

Instruments and Equipment

Information and Other Awesome Examples

Some Friends' Websites

  • Lucretia Seabrook - One of our favorite people and one amazing artist. Check out some of her work on her website, but... you will also see contributions to the band artwork from her too! In fact, the roots of the tree here on the site was inspired by her artwork and inspiration!
  • Twin Lights Glassing Co. - Keith Natti's glassing is second to none. Working with professionals from around the globe. Glassing boards for many well known shapers as well as professional surfers such as CJ Hobgood, Carissa Moore and Tom Carroll. Keith's passion lies in his glass work; resin tints, airbrush art, glass-ons, etc
  • Festival Faerie Photography by Chenoa - Welcome to Festival Faerie Photography by Chenoa! One of my greatest passions is to capture beauty and magic through photography. I specialize in music, nature and portrait photography. You can find my photographs featured in and
  • Nick Steglich - Nick is the sound guy, web guy, graphics guy, and guy guy. Damn! He's fine. I mean... wow. Okay... I admit it, its me. I manage the web content for the band... but that said, if you want to be listed on here because you have some connection to the band and want some free advertising, or if you want some help with a website or some graphics - hit me up and we'll make it happen. I'm your guy ;)

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