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Audio Samples

Promo pic for "The Quarrymen" at Rocky Neck, the Charlatans first gig
Promo pic for "The Quarrymen" at Rocky Neck, the Charlatans first gig

We have hours upon hours worth of recordings. The problem is - sorting through them all to find the very best examples of what we are and the kind of music we create. The truth is - there really is no "best" or "worst"! They are mostly all unique, jam-style - with the exception of a few arrangements we have been working on. But we will try to provide as wide a scope of our musical inclinations as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: We have temporarily removed our online audio files as that they represented our old style, and we have advanced lightyears since then. So we are currently sorting through some recent recordings and will bring you some brand new and much better Didgeridoograss for you to all enjoy soon! In the meantime, please check us out live...

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Please feel free to download these tracks and use them for personal listening enjoyment. Distribution or sales of these tracks, either individually or as part of a compilation - without permission of Matthew Natti - is strictly forbidden.


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