The Natti Tree House - the inspiration for the band and all of our childhood dreams The Players - Main band-members, local musicians who have participated, and other contributing members! Visit our YouTube Channel for all of our greatest video moments! Matthew Natti - Didgeridoo, Saw, Banjo, Washboard, Jaw Harp, Vocals Matt Lefebvre - Upright Bass & Vocals Zach Morrison - Hand Drums, Cajon, Vocals Matt Morrissey - Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals Alex MacLeod - Fiddle, Banjo, Dobro, Vocals The Tree House Artisans! The visual artists and the work they make at and for the Tree House!
Shows and Such - The who's, when's and where's we will be playing, along with our other performances. Tree House Charlatan Merchandise - CDs, Stickers, Shirts, Etc.
Samples of some of our songs, for download and streaming! Listen to what we're all about... Links to other local bands, music, and musical references. Some didgeridoo history and resources too.
Some pictures and videos from the various Tree House Jams, rehearsals and our shows. Check us out here and on YouTube! Visit us on Facebook! Make sure to 'Like' us while you are there...
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Hey! check out our Shows page to see where we are playing next! We have some great shows coming soon... Here is a quick list:


We're also really excited to announce the recent release of our first professionally recorded album - an EP, we call "Eeeeep". We will have an order page on the site soon, but for now... if you are interested in purchasing a CD, please contact us - or come on by the shows!

EeeeeP!?! - Tree House Charlatans EP Cover Art

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The Tree House Charlatans - a varied group of talented, experimental and downright chill musicians all enjoying a relaxed jam at the Natti Tree House. The group was founded with Matt, Jim and Eli for an art gallery opening at Rocky Neck in Gloucester in 2011. Originally, they went under the name "The Quarrymen," but found that it had already been snagged by some old Brits (Lennon, McCartney). Matt put it like this: "Basically, we decided to practice once, drink twice and just have fun!"

To carry on the momentum of the first gig, the group started hosting summer gatherings on the deck under Matt's tree house - a secluded oasis in the Gloucester woods (where only the local wildlife complains if the music gets to loud).  Folks from all over- including the North Shore, the country on a whole and even some from as far away as New Zealand - have joined in the good music, good company and simply enjoying the great outdoors.  As the months grew colder, the group distilled down to a manageable core and the focus of the group shifted from open jams to more structured songs.  The band seems to lean toward a bluegrass sound with a bit of  jazz and folk/ rock influence.  When asked "What type of music do the Tree House Charlatans play?" Matt Natti smiles and says "Didgeridoo-grass!"

This website aims to provide some history about the group and the tree house, some photos, video and audio clips for your enjoyment, and ways that you can contact us in case you would like to talk about arranging a show. You can also learn a little about some of the musicians who have been part of this magical event.

We hope that you enjoy yourselves on this website, and you especially enjoy the music - at least as much as we had making it. We will update it as frequently as we are able. Thank you for checking out the Tree House Charlatans!

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